Coast Redwood Middle School has a great supportive and engaging environment

Coast Redwood Middle School is the most supportive and engaging environment I could imagine our son being in. He started off in a public school setting, and while his aptitude was labeled as "gifted", something just wasn't clicking for him with the pace, social structure, and style of learning he was seeking.

Quail Hollow Integrated Arts is a phenomenal program

Quail Hollow Integrates Arts (QHIA) is an SLV Charter middle school program with a visual and performing arts (VAPA) focus. QHIA is a phenomenal program, with an inclusive and flexible curriculum that supports students of different educational and social backgrounds. ...

Nature Academy encourages my kids to do their 'Personal Best'.

Both my son and daughter are science nature kids. When I found out about The Nature Academy, I was blown away by their approach to teaching.  While adjusting to the Middle School workload was a challenge for my daughter, my son has thrived to that challenge. The attention they give the kids to challenge them by asking, “Is this YOUR personal best?”  The teachers really tenderly bring them up to that challenge.

Quail Hollow Home School is a supportive, loving, educational community

The teaching and support staff, have been unparalleled in their care, knowledge, and compassion. Being a kid these days can be challenging, yet the staff at Quail Hollow guides with open hearts and minds. Every year, there is a new theme that guides the flow of education in the classroom. ...

It is a road less traveled and it is wonderful – thank you!!

We are thrilled that our daughter is a part of CRHS and we wish that all students could have access to this amazing effective school model. We are so grateful for those educators who in this crazy and damaging “race to the top” have held tight to their convictions of what is best for a child and have had the courage to stay on the slow and steady road – it is a road less traveled and it is wonderful – thank you!!

The means for ALL children to reach their full potential

San Lorenzo Valley Charter schools provide invaluable educational opportunities to students, families and the community. As a 4th generation Santa Cruz County resident, pioneer homeschool mom of the 1980’s, 15-year veteran teacher of the traditional classroom, host teacher to 30+ UCSC Cal Teach students considering a teaching career and current new teacher induction mentor, I want to strongly endorse the work of the programs in the SLV Charter School.

Why we need an alternative to the traditional education model

In most respects, I am a very traditional American adult, raised in a traditional American middle-class educational system. I figured since I made it through and did well enough in life that the traditional educational model was good enough.

Coast Redwood High School: An incredibly amazing program

In 7th grade, our daughter developed the idea that her future success depended entirely on acceptance into an elite university and that the only way to get there would be if she worked really hard and got excellent grades. For two years we watched her spend every spare moment stooped over her desk working on homework – trying to achieve an A or higher.

Quail Hollow Homeschool is a wonderful fit for us!

I am so excited that I found a school that fits my needs as well as my daughter, Caitlin’s.  I like the combination of homeschool and stability of an ongoing classroom setting with awesome and compassionate teachers that put kids first.
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