Quail Hollow Home School is a supportive, loving, educational community

Quail Hollow Home School (QHHS)

When we moved to the San Lorenzo Valley several years ago, education was on my mind. With a child with some learning challenges, I was concerned about where my son was going find an educational home. I was nervous about my own abilities to homeschool, about not isolating my child, and how to approach his learning needs. 


We decided to enroll my son at Quail Hollow as a kindergartner, and he’s now in 2rd grade. Over the past years, that choice of has been affirmed over and over again. We have found a supportive, loving, and educational community at Quail Hollow Home School.


The teaching and support staff, have been unparalleled in their care, knowledge, and compassion. Being a kid these days can be challenging, yet the staff at Quail Hollow guides with open hearts and minds. Every year, there is a new theme that guides the flow of education in the classroom. The QHHS program places a special emphasis on history, literature, art, and social justice. All of those are combined into the weekly lessons. I really appreciate the depth and breadth of knowledge that the teachers possess, and pass on to the children.


The hybrid nature of the program allows for a lot of flexibility for families. The twice-a-week schedule gives freedom for family trips and travel. Being in a hybrid program also means we can choose the best educational materials and approaches for our son’s needs, while also giving him the experience of group learning in a classroom setting. If I have concerns or questions about educational resources or materials, the teacher is always there with suggestions or ideas.


Despite all the wonderful parts of Quail Hollow, the most telling to me is the students. The children are so supportive of each other, cheering others on when they are having difficulty. I love watching the older students guide the younger ones, and they do it very gently and kindly. At break and recess, the children play games together…across genders, ages and abilities, no one is excluded. When the children have special meals together during the holidays, they always say how thankful they are for one another. I am truly grateful to have found a school environment that is positive and uplifting, and it’s demonstrated in even the smallest interaction.

Clara Elliott 

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