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Charter News • October 20

This is a short newsletter, with a few updates that are right around the corner, this week and the next. Our SLV Charter teachers and support team continue to find various ways to work with you and your student.  Our mental health counselor has created a few additional groups for support, one for our families who have lost their homes, one for our high school students who need to unwind together.
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Charter News • Oct. 4, 2020

We had a good turnout of parents who came to our last R & R Coffee check-in.  We are finding themes in what is front and center on your mind and I’ve been told by several that the sharing was beneficial.  There were many who shared the need to discuss the idea of ‘what is enough’ when it comes to learning, when and how to encourage students in their work, how to balance screen time and screen fatigue, time management, and of course loss and grief due to either the fire, the pandemic, or both.  Robin and I hope to see you this Tuesday, Oct 6th at 10 am
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Charter News • Sept. 20, 2020

Each of our programs are building greater regularity with their online support; be it 1-1 conferences, daily ‘synchronous’ Zoom lessons or check-ins, parent meetings, Google Classroom organization, go-bags or boxes are still being delivered, and Danelle is still getting curriculum materials in from various sources. ...... This is a time when it’s great to remember the benefits of a Growth Mindset. As Carolyn Dweck says: “Keep Going! Our intelligence, creative abilities, and character are things that we can improve in meaningful ways. We can always learn and get better at what we do.”  When things are tough, as hard as it can be, staying positive and persevering will bring great gains. In fact, it is often during the hard times that we learn the most...though perhaps not in the ways we initially thought. Together we can get better.

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