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Charter News • March 28, 2021

Well, if there is one thing that everyone has been tested on recently it is flexibility! We just keep breathing deep and moving forward with the next steps in front of us. Thank goodness for laughter!  And now we have beautiful weather and a week off of our school routine right around the corner to lighten our spirits as well. We are excited to have our elementary homeschool programs, FCHS, QHHS, and the 6th graders from QHIA, starting back this coming week, March 29-April 1.
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Charter News • March 14, 2021

In addition to the planned ‘hardscapes’ changes; adding a staff parking lot and making a drive-through student drop off behind the District Office, redesigning the current parking lot, adding portables, shade structure, upgrading the basketball courts, there have also been upgrades to the air and heat, electrical, septic and bathrooms. We still have a ways to go, but the buildings will be painted, the playfield refurbished, and the rooms ready for action when we start back in August. The news about all programs moving has been either delayed or not as prominent due to the COVID Pandemic crisis and the shift into living with social distancing and Distance Learning. Additionally, ...
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Charter News • February 28, 2021

Re-opening: additional information.  For all Charter programs:  I understand that it could be difficult to make a firm decision without knowing all the details, but the basic question the survey asks pertains to us knowing who is wanting to come back, and who would prefer to stay in the current DL format for the months remaining in the current school year. So far, there are between 20-25% who are saying that they want to stay with Distance Learning only.  Transportation, health concerns, comfort in the DL format are all considerations for families. Regardless of the program, the on-site options will...

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