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Charter News • June 7, 2022

...And within the year each of the students has had many milestones in their social-emotional and academic development, not to mention their height and maturity as a member of their program and of our community as a whole. 

I admire and appreciate each student for the effort they have put into their learning throughout the year, and to each parent for all that you have done to support your student your academic program and teachers, and the Charter as a whole. 

I hope that each of you has a wonderful summer; filled with...
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Charter News • May 27, 2022

It is so special to see and hear how the teachers honor their students' achievements in heartfelt and personalized ways. And thank you to Danelle for attending at least a few of these special events in my stead. I can’t wait to see their yearbooks! Each program creates its own yearbook and they are as personal and unique as each of our programs.

Our teachers will be asking for parent/student feedback either through an online survey or via discussions at their parent meetings.  Please take to....

Charter News • May 6, 2022

Thanks to everyone who helped to make Staff Appreciate week special for our teachers. Our teachers and staff continue to amaze me with all the special events that they continue to offer our students. I am deeply appreciative of all that they do. And
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Charter News • April 24, 2022

AND… Thank you to all of you who are supporting the Charter by having your students take the CAASPP ELA and Math tests.  As I mentioned in my last email at least 95 percent of all students and student groups must test in English language arts (ELA) and Mathematics.

If we have less than 95% test, Federal law requires...

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SLVUSD Charter School provides personalization, community, and choice through challenging and creative educational opportunities designed for a diversity of learners. 

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