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Welcome to a Different Way of Learning

SLVUSD Charter is a tuition-free public school designed to create innovative program options for students and their families in different instruction formats. We offer TK–12 homeschooling, TK–12 hybrid/homeschool options, and a 6th–8th-grade five-day-a-week program for families who prefer an individualized approach to education. We are a dependent Charter and support students in the district and nearby cities. By forming a solid partnership between the district, parents, students, and our teachers, we can create an environment specifically tailored for the students who enroll and participate in our environment.

Our programs are a place where:
  • Teachers have the professionalism and flexibility to innovate
  • Parents participate and are involved in the learning process with their students and within the classroom
  • Students are accepted for who they are and where they are in their learning journey
  • All three share the responsibility of improving student learning
  • The Administrative Team is dedicated to ensuring the resources and support needed to maintain success

Explore the many different styles of learning we offer!

Quail Hollow HS Book project

Quail Hollow

(Grades 2–5) The format is a two-day-a-week multi-age homeschool hybrid program with a classroom commitment for students that meets Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our yearly theme includes a visual and performing arts component that includes the production of a spring play. A traditional beginning of the year camping trip, Nature Wednesdays, field trips, networking, and volunteer opportunities contribute to a rich homeschool experience.
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layers of the sun

Quail Hollow Heartwood Homeschool

(Grades TK–1) The format is a two-day-a-week multi-age homeschool hybrid program with a classroom commitment for students that meets Tuesdays and Thursdays as a whole group to focus on more specific academic activities with an integrated thematic emphasis. 
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Coast Redwood 
Middle School

(Grades 6–8) The format is a two-day-a-week multi-age homeschool hybrid program with a classroom commitment where students work collaboratively on group projects and individual presentations that help to develop their critical and creative thinking and leadership. All class activities are geared toward a collaborative experience, with social-emotional learning an important element. Integrating the sciences and writing through project-based learning is an emphasis in the classroom experience. Parent enrichment support, field trips, and an extended camping trip are additional elements of this program.
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QHIA mural painting

Quail Hollow 
Integrated Arts

(Grades 6–8) The format is a 4-day-a-week, 1/2 day, or full-day multi-age homeschool hybrid program with an online component for math and science, combined with a classroom experience for language arts and social students within a thematic focus, all with teacher support. This program enhances the understanding of and connections between core content areas by offering a dynamic approach to learning where the arts are integrated across all the academic content areas. Collaboration among students, staff members, parents, and community arts partners enriches the learning experience.
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Nature Academy

Nature Academy 

(Grades 6–8) The format is a traditional 5-day week program developed to meet the needs of students looking for a challenge: academically, physically, emotionally, and socially. Nature Academy is committed to offering enriched education, including a variety of hands-on projects. Based on the ideal of the scholar-adventurer, Nature Academy offers a rigorous academic program featuring intensive and extensive math, reading, and writing expectations. Parent participation supports extensive field trips and elective enrichment.
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CRHS Headwaters

Coast Redwood 
High School

(Grades 9–12) The format is a hybrid independent study model providing students with options for personalized learning while completing their accredited diploma. Course requirements can be fulfilled in various forms, such as classes taught on-site, individualized contracts, or various concurrent enrollment options. Students can participate in field trips, grade-level cohort events, community service, and a culminating graduation ceremony. Our goal is to create a personalized learning community that guides students to become lifelong learners.
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“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ~Aristotle


Registration Office
(831) 336-5167
325 Marion Ave.
Ben Lomond

Mon-Fri 9am–3pm

Administration Office
Kerry le Roux, Principal
(831) 335-0932
325 Marion Ave.
Ben Lomond
Mon-Fri 7:30am–4pm

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