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Coast Redwood Middle School (6–8)


About Coast Redwood Middle School

Coast Redwood Middle School (part of the SLVUSD Charter School) is a homeschool support program for 6-8th graders that offers a two-day-a-week classroom-based ongoing group experience. It is specially designed for students who are on the path to becoming more independent learners and who want to help support a consistent group of peers as co-learners. This program integrates social-emotional learning with students working collaboratively on projects that help to develop their critical and creative thinking. CRMS comprises families who want to maintain a strong, homeschool relationship with their pre-adolescent children and are willing to help support a fun and active class group by participating in camping, field trips, parent-taught courses, and special activities. Our year includes subject-specific classes, student project presentations, theme-based science, thoughtful speaking, writing, problem-solving, and photography, with the students creating their yearbooks. Emphasis is on project-based learning and real-life application of skills. The teacher helps guide each student, offering support for individual studies outside the classroom and group-focused activities during class time. We believe that education works best in a relationship with others and that learning flourishes when it includes a clear awareness of individual and group processes through self-reflection.

What is expected from the students:

Regular attendance, a commitment to doing your best, a desire to fully participate, a willingness to reflect on the learning process, both in writing and verbally, and a dedication to supporting other individuals in the group and the unity of the group.

What is expected from the parents:

You engage in dialog regularly with your child about class activities and homeschooling and support completing homework assignments. Participate in parent-teacher meetings in person and via phone or email. Keeping a daily log of homeschooling activities and submitting that log along with an attendance sheet and samples of student work on time each month to facilitate the creation of a portfolio.
To ensure the best consistency, cohesion, and continuity, we request that enrollment in CRMS be a year-long commitment. Student and parent input and interests will help guide the schedule and methods of instruction both in class and at home.


Marcy Reynolds
As a nature lover and education enthusiast Marcy has facilitated learning experiences for groups of homeschoolers since 1991. Before stepping into the role of lead teacher at Coast Redwood Middle School, Marcy taught for Loma Prieta Independent Home Studies, Vista Learning Collaborative, Ocean Grove Charter School, Coast Redwood High School, and SLV Homeschool. In addition to her work for SLVUSD Charter, Marcy also administrates and co-teaches a local Nature-Based program for 5-17 year-olds.


Office: (831) 335-0932
Registrar: (831) 336-5167

Marcy Reynolds, Teacher
Kerry le Roux, Principal

SLVUSD Quail Hollow Campus
325 Marion Ave.
Ben Lomond, CA 95005

Class Hours
Wed 9:30 am–2:00 pm
Thurs 9:30 am–2:00 pm

Open Office Hours
Wed & Thurs
2:15 pm–3:30 pm
Mon & Tues by appointment
Closed Fridays

Parent Meetings
Third Wed of the Month
2:15 pm–3:30 pm

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