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Meet the Administrator

Rhonda Reed-Schlosser


We are glad that you are interested in one or more of our unique and innovative programs.  I hope you take the time to explore our website to learn more about our school and its specific programs. Reading about what we do cannot give justice to the level of energy and dedication that our staff and students bring to each of our programs.  Our teachers are here because they have a passion to teach and engage with their students and their families in a different way, one with more heart and creativity. Each teacher and staff member has a special story, a unique background that makes them a great fit for our programs.  And the other essential partners are the families that choose to enroll and help to build our nurturing school community.

A Bit About Me

My education as an adult began with an associates degree in Early Childhood Development as an undergraduate, a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, focusing on how families and schools can work together to support children and our future, and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership. I have a passion for researching social-emotional and brain-based learning and putting this research into practice. I have raised two children through adulthood and working through their journey has added to my awareness of the importance of listening deeply and keeping parents as involved as possible in children’s educational experience. In my professional career and private experience, I know that working in collaboration and partnership with others is the best way to ensure that strong and sound educational practices are implemented in a constructive, beneficial, and sustainable way.

It has been an honor to work in collaboration with the SLV Charter staff and District personnel. Our teachers have stood alongside me and in front of me as we have blazed our paths that encourage students to be their best. Supporting them has always been an inspiration and continues to motivate me to strive for my own excellence. Each year that you are with us, you will build stronger relationships with our wonderful teachers and fellow learners; relationships that can last far beyond the school year.  We view parents and teachers as partners in education. As philosopher George Santayana said, “A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.” And we have found when parents and teachers and students are inspired to work together to facilitate learning, all children are the winners.