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Charter News  • October 3, 2021

As we move deeper into the rhythm of more complicated work and assignments, we are noticing more of the effects that students are experiencing due to the pandemic shutdown, distance learning, and evacuations that are negatively affecting their academic performance.

Many students, of various ages and within various programs, are having difficulty refining the depths of their reading, writing, and mathematical thinking, as well as communicating/dialoguing with their peers and/or teachers to clarify their needs or ideas on a topic.

We need...

Charter News • September 19, 2021

We have had a month of school and it seems that things are smoothing out.  The most exciting news for me is that our programs have started their field trips and more are getting planned.  Here are a few things that are happening in our various programs so far, in addition to their onsite classes and homeschool support.

Charter News  • September 3, 2021

We have entered September. Monday is Labor Day, a holiday from school.  What a wonderful milestone; that we have been in school long enough this year that we can celebrate a typical school holiday together.  We hope you and your family are having a restful and happy three-day weekend and come back to us healthy and ready to learn with your fantastic teachers and fellow learners.

Welcome to all the families who have joined our Charter as Independent Home Study learners.

Charter News • August 22, 2021

It was terrific to see all the bustle of students in classrooms, parent orientations and parent volunteers on campus this week.  I saw a lot of reconnecting with old and new peers, lots of smiles, and relaxed interactions from parents, students, and teachers. We can expect some understandable adjustments, emotional ups, and downs as students adjust to coming back to school, especially when it is a new site for many of our students but as the weeks unfold and we work together for the good of the students, these adjustments will lessen.

If you are new to our Charter...

Charter News • August 8

Welcome!  We are so excited to have you join us and to have the 2021-22 school year begin with the opportunity to see you and your students learning with our wonderful teachers on the Quail Hollow Charter School site.

It will be the first time in nearly 18 months that students have been able to have a full weekly schedule with their classmates on campus, learning together. Our focus is to make this year as joy-filled, creative, and collaborative as we can when we teach and support your student's academics.

Charter News  • June 4, 2021

And now the 2020-21 school year has ended.  The summer has begun and it appears that we can continue to step into normal routines. May you all stay safe and healthy and may you enjoy plenty of joyful days with family and friends doing activities that rejuvenate you.

...Many of our teachers will be spending extra time getting their new classrooms ready for your children, their students.  Many of them are collaborating together to prepare for next year and are participating in Professional Development classes over the summer to further enhance their teaching for next year.

The first day of school is August 17th.  Our teachers will be back to work on August 12. You can expect a personal letter from them soon after they get back to work.

Charter News • May 21, 2021

Many programs have begun their end-of-year conferences and hybrid groups are no longer coming to campus, instead focusing on their last assignments at home when not meeting with their teacher. Nature Academy will have hybrid classes this week and next week the teachers have some special events planned.

And welcome back to our 6th grade Nature Academy students! They were the first class that was able to go on an overnight field excursion (COVID protocols in place of course) since the start of the Pandemic over a year ago. ...

Charter News • May 2, 2021

We are but a month away from the last day of school, June 3rd.

Thankfully students have been able to be on-site with their teachers and classmates for several weeks now.  As mentioned before, we are maintaining the focus of the kids having time to connect and work with hand’s-on elements of their learning....

It is great that staff can build on their class/program culture, offering at least a little in-person groundwork in preparation for students working together next year. If everyone.....

May is a quick month with lots of end of year wrap up as well as planning for next year. This newsletter will help you keep up to date with what is happening.
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