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Charter News • August 5, 2020

Welcome to the start of a very unique school year of Learning and Living together. This is certainly not the way that any of us would like to welcome in another wonderful year together.  We won’t have the exciting voices of children in and out of the classroom, warm welcomes at the door and seeing kids with their new school attire, but life has thrown us all into a world of uncertainty and we are all doing our best as we get to carve out a new normal; a time where Learning and Living are truly intermingled. (We will need to...

Last Charter News for 2019-20 • June 8, 2020

Here is one last newsletter to share what the Charter staff is thinking about so far as we prepare for next year. Additionally, I have listed some resources that you may want to refer to throughout the summer.

Next year, we will still work under the guidelines of the Department of Health and Santa Cruz County Office of Education as will SLVUSD as a whole. I'll be working with the County Office Taskforce regarding reopening schools; in particular with a committee focusing on Curriculum, Blended learning, Local Assessments/Grading/State Testing/Field Trips/Work-based learning.  ....

Charter News  • May 31, 2020

The end of the year is always a bittersweet time for all of us as we say goodbye to our graduates and to the students who are moving on to other high schools, to other towns, states, to futures that we will no longer be a part of.  

I have had the privilege to participate in a variety of Zoom celebrations this past week where our fabulous teachers honored each of their students, especially those advancing to high school or post-secondary life options.  As always, the teachers’ talks were personalized for our students’ whom we have known for many years, thus knowing and appreciating their full ‘humanness’.  Each program has the tradition of...

Charter News • May 15, 2020

It has been great to have a slight lifting of the Shelter in Place restrictions and feel that Spring is here, with some lovely days of rain to freshen the air.  

As a reminder, all of the Charter Programs will have a modified schedule through the rest of the school year, with this week, May 18-22 being the last ‘regular week’.  

May 25, Memorial Day Holiday will start a four day week of modified work and Zoom meetings along with most of our Graduations/Advancement celebrations. 
The first week of June will only be for students to turn in any late work and we will have a few other celebrations on June 1, 2. (All of our celebration dates are in the Dates to Remember at the end of this Newsletter.)  

The Charter Programs are...

Charter News  • May 4, 2020

School ends June 4. Distance Learning with your teachers will end and hopefully, we will all be breathing a little easier, the State and Country will start opening up, and we will begin to work more towards the next steps in refining our new normal.

I want to quote something one of our Charter teachers shared with her families:
“It has been so inspiring to see the kids helping each other (and me!) overcome technical hurdles. Each of us seems to hold a different piece of the puzzle and we are all needed! Whether they may have chosen it or not, the kids are going to come out of this period with much greater technical skills which will serve them well for years to come. Even more important ....

Charter News • April 20, 2020

In talking to my staff and hearing from students and parents, there is agreement that the past week was the one where the longer-term effects of our Shelter in Place existence and living with the Covid-19 virus more deeply settled into the social fabric that is affecting students’ learning.
For some families, ....

It is important to be cognizant of the disparity there is in how students and families are able to weather the school closure and the Covid-19 shut down when we begin to think about what we will do regarding the end of year grades or assessments.

I want to rest any concerns that....

Charter News • April 3, 2020

Before we go on our Spring Break and we all (hopefully) get off screens in as much as we can, I wanted to share some great ideas you may want to be aware of and may want to do while you are on Staycation break together.

In particular, our Master Gardener, Melanie...

Charter News • March 27, 2020

A huge thank you and commendations to all of the fabulous Charter staff and wonderful families for shifting into this crazy Coronavirus world with such grace and collaborative ideas.  It was the quickest change in systems and teaching as we know it in all the years I have been working in education.  

I am so impressed by the way our staff has rallied together and maintained their personalized communication and teaching with all of their families from day one of our Distance Learning. 

I know, without a shadow of a doubt that ...

School Closure update

As you know through our Superintendent emails, all schools in Santa Cruz County will be closed all next week, March 16-20.  Under this tough situation, the Charter teachers and students are doing an amazing job of staying positive and planning for the best in uncharted territory this virus has thrown us in. Expect to receive more...

Nature Academy Information Night ONLINE NOW

Due to school closures our Nature Academy Information Night is online.
Learn about our 6–8th-grade charter program based on the ideal of the Scholar Adventurer! We are accepting applications NOW.

Thank you for your patience as we quickly transitioned to supporting our students and families through Distance Learning.
It has been quite the learning curve for everyone! We hope to see you in our program next year
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