Quail Hollow Homeschool is a wonderful fit for us!

I am so excited that I found a school that fits my needs as well as my daughter, Caitlin’s.  I like the combination of homeschool and stability of an ongoing classroom setting with awesome and compassionate teachers that put kids first. The schools around here are great, but if you are missing that one-on-one public schools aren’t able to give and want something flexible, then Quail Hollow has it. I homeschooled my son from 2nd until 5th grade (in Fremont), he decided to go to public school at 6th grade to try it out. He is well adjusted and sweet because homeschoolers are generally those two things. That is why when Caitlin didn’t want to attend school because it outpaced her, I needed a place just right for her. She came to Quail Hollow for a year in 1st grade, and she did well, we moved and I wanted her to make new friends. The public classroom was too much pressure and she was sensitive that she couldn’t keep up. Quail Hollow is a wonderful fit for us! The teachers are awesome and loving. I was afraid she wouldn’t fit in with the kids, but she has done well! I couldn’t have asked for a better situation, best of all, Caitlin is happy! Thank you Quail Hollow staff for getting us into a good place and being so accommodating at the same time!

Thank you,
Colleen Ruel
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