Fall Creek Homeschool has created an amazing change in my son

May 24, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

My family has lived in the San Lorenzo Valley for about 14 years, of that, I have had a child in attendance in this school district for at least 7 years (I have 2 children in this district). I just recently changed my son from attending BCE over to Fall Creek. In no way shape or form should this letter be taken against this amazing school. We love our BCE, It all came down to my son being a square peg in a round hole world.

The Fall Creek program has created an amazing change in my son. His anxiety has dropped dramatically and no longer needs to attend weekly counseling sessions (at 75.00 a week), his anger issues have also dropped drastically, and his overall sense of well being is noticed by everyone who has known him for years and now talks to him, “He is a completely different kid, Kristin” is what I hear over and over.

Seeing Elyas going at his own pace during the day, now instead of flipping out and screaming when stressed out from school work, he takes 15 minutes and plays his guitar. He asks to go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays instead of screaming all morning until we reach the campus. The end of the year meltdowns have all but vanished. Yes he worries about next years class because most kids (and a lot of adults too) fear the unknown, but they are so minor I hardly notice his stress, so we just review our multiplication tables while making cookies. 

Our family is so grateful to the SLVUSD for giving us the options for my child to have a fun education, not a stressful one!!!! Knowing that we have Plan A in place for Elyas and if that flops, Plan B, and darn it, having a Place C doesn’t hurt a darn thing either does it? It gives him great comfort, and it gives me tons of gratitude to live here.

Thank you so much,

Kristin M. Ghbeish

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