Nature Academy encourages my kids to do their 'Personal Best'.

I consider myself so lucky to live where I am and raise my kids where we are.  So many years ago when I started down this path of education for my kids I had no idea what I was in for.  I really thought my kids would go the same route I did, with all 13 years in regular traditional school. Boy was I wrong!!!  I gave birth to kids that are more a square peg, but they are in a round peg world in their educational needs.


Both my son and daughter are science nature kids. When I found out about The Nature Academy, I was blown away by their approach to teaching.  While adjusting to the Middle School workload was a challenge for my daughter, my son has thrived to that challenge. The attention they give the kids to challenge them by asking, “Is this YOUR personal best?”  The teachers really tenderly bring them up to that challenge. 


As each year progresses I can see their confidence building up, and when it happens I can almost hear the crack when they really start pushing themselves to do more, be more, and think outside the box.


Honestly, it’s no joke when you hear the Nature Academy term “Work Hard/Play Hard”; they mean in. We have gone from screaming fits about doing homework to a simple “May I have just 30-minute break and I’ll get started on my homework?”  When things get hard, they are taught to break it up into sections. And when the work is done, the play starts to happen!! You will not believe the field trips!! They are amazing!  I will be forever grateful to the teachers from The Nature Academy. They feel like family to us.


Kristin Ghbeish 

6th and 8th Grade students

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