A Hybrid Approach to Education

We are swiftly becoming a hybrid society. We have hybrid families, and hybrid cars, buses, and garbage trucks. We can even follow the latest in hybrid aircraft projects by Boeing and NASA. So, I’ve been thinking, how many families know about hybrid education?
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SLV Charter has allowed my children to thrive

My children participate in two different SLV Charter programs, Fall Creek Homeschool and Coast Redwood Middle School. Fall Creek Homeschool is a K-5th single room classroom that meets two days a week and has just over twenty students.
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CRHS: It was the best thing we could have done!

My daughter, now 17, has always been a confident student - happy, healthy, social, with no learning disabilities at all.  As she reached middle school, she began to develop anxiety regarding the school regime - early mornings, homework, and relations with multiple teachers.
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Physical and emotional safety is a Charter priority

Dear Rhonda, I would like to thank you and your staff for going above and beyond to take steps to secure the safety of the students in all programs under the charter umbrella. As a member of the Parent Advisory Committee, I have had the opportunity to see and work on the updated safety plan that covers all number of emergency situations if they were to arise at one of the schools. A part of this safety plan that may not be immediately evident is the time and effort you and your staff have put into, not just securing the physical safety of our children, but into securing the emotional safety of our children.
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