CRHS: It was the best thing we could have done!

My daughter, now 17, has always been a confident student - happy, healthy, social, with no learning disabilities at all.  As she reached middle school, she began to develop anxiety regarding the school regime - early mornings, homework, and relations with multiple teachers. I encouraged her to work through this, as it was my thought this is the "real world" and it's not always going to be easy. Well, after several unhappy years, her anxiety increased to the point it was time to readdress alternative education. We enrolled her into Coast Redwood her Junior year...and it was the best thing we could have done! My daughter thrived on the expectation that she was responsible for her own schedule and school work.  She blossomed as a student and as a young adult. She had a very successful year.  

As her senior year approached, she decided she wanted to have the "full senior experience" which meant having her senior portrait in the yearbook and walking during the graduation ceremony with the friends she'd been going to school with her whole life. If she continued with Coast Redwood, she would miss out on those things, so she re-enrolled at SLV. However, after her first week of school, my daughter realized she had made a big mistake and wanted the freedom Coast Redwood offered her, and she quickly returned!  

Thank you Coast Redwood High School!  
Carrie Morrison 
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