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From Our Counselor : Gratitude

This month it seems only natural to focus on gratitude.  Over the years in my profession and personally, gratitude has been one of the most powerful tools I’ve experienced.  For example, it’s not hard to slip into a feeling of envy when we’re browsing through our social media outlets. Many children buy into others’ social media narratives and can suffer a dip in their self-esteem as they look at pictures of their peers’ “perfect worlds”. Gratitude is a wonderful antidote for...

Charter News • November 4, 2018

As we transition into November, the holidays are around the corner and thus we are a third of the way into the school year. The rhythm of working on, completing, and most importantly turning schoolwork in on time has (hopefully) become routine...

From our Counselor: Identity—Who am I?

A few weeks ago, my son, who often throughout his childhood has had anxiety at night about different “monsters” under the bed, came into our room to say yet again that he was struggling with some fear.

Charter News • October 19, 2018

The use of technology and the impact of social media on students and adults alike has become an issue that is near and dear to my heart. Personally, I think I am on screens too much..especially when I am with people whom I love and care about my relationship with. This year, I have made a strong commitment to monitor the amount of time I spend to review and send emails.

Charter News • June 15, 2018

Hooray and congratulations! Every child, every family has progressed through another year of learning, many making that special advancement or graduation leap to their next step on the ladder, or rung, or river, or whatever metaphor fits for your family style.
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