Charter News • Sept. 20, 2020


“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”   --Walt Disney

Dear Charter Families,

Each of our programs are building greater regularity with their online support; be it 1-1 conferences, daily ‘synchronous’ Zoom lessons or check-ins, parent meetings, Google Classroom organization, go-bags or boxes are still being delivered, and Danelle is still getting curriculum materials in from various sources.

We are still reaching out to our families who have lost their homes to see how else we can help; many have not gotten home yet, due to loss of home, water, cleanliness. This is a time when it’s great to remember the benefits of a Growth Mindset. As Carolyn Dweck says: “Keep Going! Our intelligence, creative abilities, and character are things that we can improve in meaningful ways. We can always learn and get better at what we do.”  When things are tough, as hard as it can be, staying positive and persevering will bring great gains. In fact, it is often during the hard times that we learn the most...though perhaps not in the ways we initially thought. Together we can get better.

To that end, teachers are hearing from their students and parents what is working and what needs more tweaking for students to learn the best they can within their unique circumstances.  Keep the communication flowing.  It is very important that you reach out to us if learning isn’t working for your student so that we can making changes when possible. It is very frustrating for all of us to not be able to walk around a real classroom to help students, to see and hear what they are doing in the moment.  Learning at home in this way will take discipline.  Please help your child and us by helping them stay focused during their learning hours; perhaps taking their phones away, providing them with a quiet space, making sure they are ready for learning after their breakfast time.

There are two very recent changes that may benefit your student:

  • In-person 1-1 conferences are now an option.  We have firm safety protocols in place that will be adhered to. This is an option, not required and will be based on the health and safety of both teacher and family.  Your teacher has reviewed the protocols; which includes the use of disinfectant cleaning before and after each meeting, masks and a plexiglass shield, and health questions asked prior to visits and temperature confirmed once you come on-site.  You can discuss this option further with your teacher.  And of course you can call me if you have any specific questions as well.
  • Zoom: Unfortunately, the SLV middle and high school had several high school and middle school students “Zoom-bombing” into other Zoom class sessions.  To secure our online classrooms and prevent people who do not belong from entering, we have enacted Zoom protocols that allow only authenticated SLVUSD emails to enter any online class.  Every student must authenticate their email before Monday.  (Further information about this can be found below as well as in Laurie Bruton’s email.)

I hope you have read Superintendent Bruton’s email from Sept. 18th September 18th email

The Charter programs are under the same pandemic restrictions as the other schools in the district so her updates are relevant to us as well.  

I know that each and everyone of you are moving forward at the best pace you can.  Please continue to reach out to us and we will do the same. We all expect this to be a bumpy road, but the more we discuss and learn, the smoother it will become.

I hope to see you at one of Robin and my Coffee Chat check-ins.  This is will be an on-going forum for parents to ask either of us questions and to hear ideas and questions from other parents.  It is one more way for us to build community when we cannot see each other face to face on the school sites.

Take care,




R & R Coffee Chat Check-in for parents:

You are invited to our

R(honda) & R(obin) 

coffee check-in

This is an open zoom meeting invitation for Charter parents to join Rhonda Schlosser, our Charter Administrator and Robin Bates, our Mental Health Specialist. This meeting is open to all to spend time with us, brainstorm issues, listen to your challenges and successes, and offer support in our road ahead together.

Next three meetings are:

  • Thursday, September 24 , tarting at 10:00 am
  • Tuesday, October 6th from 10-11 (soon yes, but we felt some may be ready!)  
  • Thursday, October 22nd, starting at 10:00 am

We look forward to “having coffee” and conversation with you!



School Picture Day is Happening! Save the Date!

When: Friday, October 16th

Time: 1:00-3:00pm

Where: Quail Hollow Campus in front of the Multi-Purpose Room

Mask and social distancing protocols will be in place for everyone’s health and safety. Order forms will be emailed out to families next week.

Parent Advisory Committee:  Next Meeting is Tuesday, October 13th at 10:30am.

Thank you for the handful of parents who came and reviewed the Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan.  You can find this document on our website.

Now that things are somewhat settled, I would like to continue with our consistent Parent Advisory Meetings.  Everyone is welcome to attend, however, the primary need is to have a consistent group of parents to represent each program in the Charter.  This Committee helps advise on various Charter annual reports, including the budget and Charter renewal.  They then report out in their various program parent meetings.



District News: Changes to Zoom Access

Starting Monday You Can Only Access School with an Authenticated School Gmail

To secure our online classrooms and prevent people who do not belong from entering, we have enacted Zoom protocols that allow only authenticated SLVUSD emails to enter any online class.  Every student must authenticate their email before Monday. 


Students who initially set up their Zoom account using their school email will receive an email from Zoom on their school email asking them to authenticate their SLVUSD account.  This is NOT Spam!  You need to approve the request sent by Zoom.  Then you should be good to go.


If your Zoom account was not created with your account, you must do the following:

  1. In the Chrome browser, sign-in to your student account. Open another browser tab and go to  Click on “SIGN IN”.
  2. Scroll down and click on "Sign in with Google."
  3. Click on your gmail account.
  4. This should successfully create your account for zoom. (This link will take you to the SLVUSD website to learn more about this change)

Remember that using the account for zoom sessions will be required starting 9/21/2020.

 If you are having difficulty, contact


These steps are necessary for you to enter your Zoom classes next week.  Once you authenticate your email through Zoom, you will be able to continue as you always have.  If you do not authenticate, you will not be able to enter classes next week.  Using your school email was always what we asked students to do.  However, by enacting these protections, it is now required for entry into our classes.  You may want to pass this information on to friends who may not read their emails.



CAFETERIA NEWS: SLVUSD Meals. USDA has extended FREE meals to all children 18 and under, through December 31, 2020!!! We want all families to know that you are not taking meals from someone who needs it more, they are for all children. You are providing meals to your students that are comforting and familiar. Participating in the school meal program supports our Student Nutrition Program and helps sustain and grow it. 


Alisia Munoz-Rojas, SNS Manager

Student Nutrition Services

San Lorenzo Valley USD

(831) 335-5384


Water Donation for affected families:  Amber Walker, our very own QHIA teacher, and her husband, Michael, have prepaid an account at Pure Valley Water in Scotts Valley for any of you who are in need of clean water. Please read on for Michael’s personal note:


Hello San Lorenzo Valley Community,

My wife, Amber Walker, is a teacher at SLVUSD Charter. I have prepaid an account at Pure Valley Water in Scotts Valley for any of you who are in need of clean water. This is for anybody who is in the “Do not drink, do not boil” zones listed from SLVWD. Currently, that is north of the Alba Rd/Hwy 9 intersection.

For the custom account name to get water, or to donate to the account for others, one of the following will work:
-Send a personal message on Facebook to Michael Agnew
-Send an email to Amber Walker

If you are in need, please go get up to ten gallons. You can go back and get more as the need continues, or until the account runs out. If you do not have a container, you can inquire with Pure Valley Water if they have any available to donate to you. This can change day to day as they are receiving some container donations.

Stay strong, reach out for help, lift each other up, and take care of yourselves.
With so much love for our community, - Michael Agnew



MISSION: SLV Surf's Up!: From Rosie Hope, Charter Nature Academy Teacher

This mission was started to help support the families of the Santa Cruz Mountains that have been impacted by the Santa Cruz Lightning Fire. My goal is to get surfboards and wetsuits to families in need so that we can get back out into the water to heal the traumas that we have faced in these times. Please answer a few quick questions to help get the process going!

My priority is to get equipment to families that lost theirs in the fires (burn or looted). Next, I would like to lend equipment to any family that cannot access theirs due to the evacuation or for any other reason, Lastly, I would like equipment to go to kids from the SLV that are interested in getting into the water!

If you have never surfed before we can help with that too!!

Please fill out this form if you are interested in receiving equipment:

Take care,  Rosie Hope



What’s Going on in Our Charter School?  ..little snippets of some of our programs. 

From QHIA teacher, Amber Walker Weekly Curiosity: Check out Martin Molin’s Musical Marble Machine ! - What do you notice? -What do you wonder?


Dates to Remember:

  • Friday, October 2:  No School Teacher Professional Development
  • Monday October 12:  School Holiday
  • Friday, October 16th  School Pictures 1:00-3:00pm,Quail Hollow Campus in front of the Multi-Purpose Room
  • Wednesday, November 11: School Holiday


Key Contacts

Administrator: Rhonda Schlosser:

Administrative Assistant: Danelle Matteson:

Registrar: Jane Hendricks

Mental Health Counselor: Robin Bate

HS Academic Counselor: Mary Zilge

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