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School & Social Opportunities


We support many activities and events to ensure students and families have ample opportunities for various social engagements. Students, teachers, and parents who play together build friendships that can often last well beyond the years they are enrolled in the SLV Charter. 

Check our calendar to find the dates and times for the following activities, and look for more details in the Charter Newsletter.  

After School Sports

Students in our middle and high school programs can participate in the after-school sports offered at the district's middle and high schools. LEARN MORE!

All Charter Musical Play  

This annual after-school musical play is a favorite for elementary through high school students. Teacher Amber Walker directs an original script by Janine Chadwick, adapted from one of her scripts performed at LPRT (Little People's Repertory Theater.) This play is the ultimate collaboration effort culminating in a fun-filled rock musical.

Capture the Flag

A monthly homeschool-wide event gets students and willing parents interacting in a playful multi-age sport. 

Field Trips

All of our programs have various day and overnight field trips. Parents who volunteer as drivers and chaperones gain from this opportunity to bond with fellow parents as they participate with the students. Regular field trips include local overnight adventures in nearby State or National Parks, private campgrounds, and 3-5 day trips to Yosemite and Ashland Shakespeare Festival.

Harvest Festival

This is an annual fundraiser for our Coast Redwood High School program. The high school students work with the staff to create a fun, festive atmosphere for everyone in the community to come and enjoy the beginning of Fall. There is live music, snacks, donated items for a raffle, and lots of fun activities for every age.

Holiday Craft Fair

Many creative entrepreneurs, young and old, sell their items at this annual event. There are many items worth giving as gifts: jewelry, ornaments, lotions, soaps, candles, photography, pet items, quilts, and holiday edibles. Making, selling, buying, and sharing food and trade secrets is a fantastic time for all.

Middle-School Movie Night 

Middle school students love to have a variety of ways to interact with each other.  Friday movies with popcorn, pillows, and supportive teachers is an activity we offer when enough student interest makes it a reality.

Team Building/Ropes Course

Participating in one of Mount Hermon's low and high rope courses is an annual favorite way for many of our programs to start the year.  

Santa Cruz Symphony 

Our upper elementary students have the opportunity to attend the Santa Cruz Symphony every year with the added benefit of a classroom visit from a member of the Symphony who shares the inside story of the life of a musician and what to expect while at the Symphony.

Science Fair 

We encourage our K-8 students to participate in the County Science Fair. For our K-8 homeschool students, we have created our Charter Science Fair, a springboard for the County Fair.

Skate Days

A K-8 homeschool event is offered three times yearly, where parents and children gather to skate, talk, and build connections.

Coast Redwood High School Students

CRHS students may participate in SLVHS-sponsored after-school sports, school dances, and Prom.