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Mission & Vision


Our Mission

The SLVUSD Charter School’s mission is to create and sustain unique alternatives to traditional school models within the public education system in order to support lifelong learners. The programs within the SLVUSD Charter School are built upon strong academics, family involvement, and community interactions. The Charter School programs provide a personalized and collaborative approach to teaching. Core Curriculum is designed to develop educated individuals who thrive and are well prepared for the future within a global community.

Our Vision

1. Strong Academics: Encouraging Lifelong Growth
The desired skills, knowledge and attitudes we encourage students to develop are directly linked to our vision of a life­long learner. These skills and attitudes include an open, self-­motivated passion for learning and an ability to use one’s mind analytically, creatively, and in a practical manner for self and the common good. Teachers and parents understand the varying growth rates of children and create lessons based on the students’ developmental readiness and learning preferences.
2. Family Involvement: Developing Positive Character and Citizenship
SLVUSD Charter students will develop a personal identity within their families, school, community, and the greater world. SLVUSD Charter teachers and parents will work together to help students foster the attributes of truthfulness, trustworthiness, and personal best efforts. They will understand, practice, and serve as engaged citizens in their families and larger communities. 
3. Community: Interaction for Integrated Learning 
The curriculum is presented in a dynamic, flexible, challenging and multidisciplinary manner. Teaching will be a collaborative effort among faculty, staff, parents, students, and community. Our community serves as an extended campus through guest experts, workshops, and supervised internships.