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Our counselor, Robin Bates provides insights, tools, solutions, and support for students and families.


K–3rd graders: 

The Stars (book reading) and Journaling

The purpose of this video is to remind young children that in spite of any kind of change, there are still things that are always there and constant (the Stars!).

6–12th graders: 

IMPROVE Skills and Journaling

This video contains ideas from DBT for adolescents to regulate big emotions. IMPROVE is an acronym filled with lots of tools for managing a variety of difficult thoughts and feelings. There are prompts and ideas for different styles of journaling (include art and collage). 

4–5th graders: 

Collage Journaling

A quick journaling lesson for kids in 4th and 5th grade, introducing different forms of expression in journaling.

6–8th graders:

4 Options for Any Problem

Emotional problem solving is a big topic for middle schoolers, as they are often faced with emotional challenges they’ve never had before and have few skills to manage. This DBT skill has multiple benefits - as a template for dealing with any problem, and also as a reminder that we do have something we can manage when we feel out of control!

K–5th graders

Ocean Breathing

An introduction to guided imagery and mindful breathing all in one - this is a tool kids can use for life. People of all ages can practice this and it’s a great one for parents!

6–12th graders:

The Comfort Box

A lesson in “Open Focus” and “Focusing Away” in times of distress. It includes a fun art activity that can be done in a variety of ways!