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"Education must inspire children's creativity, imagination, compassion, self-knowledge, social skills, and emotional health. In this way, the term holistic education simply means cultivating the whole person and helping individuals live more consciously within their communities and natural ecosystems (Miller, 2005)."

The Mind-body concept is a priority in all of our programs. Our School-Wide Outcomes demonstrate how we integrate the development of our students' Mental and Physical capacity within the Charter's goals. Our concept that each child is safe, seen, supported is put into practice in a variety of ways, based on the grade level and the format of the program. Teachers discuss and share lessons and activities in their classrooms that support the importance of integrating healthy practices and discipline in both Mind and Body development.   

  • We teach in an interdisciplinary way to help ensure students creative process.
  • We support students to create their own goals and to evaluate their own learning progress.
  • We give sufficient breaks within the classroom work for exercise and/or mental 'reset' times. 
  • We share health tips in various ways, based on the students' age and development.
  • We guide each student's academic progress and our Academic Advisor helps students to explore their interests and find colleges or careers that support their skills and strengths.
  • We have our Mental Health Counselor share the importance of healthy relationships and facilitate activities around emotional health.
Helping to develop each student's Personal Best in Mind and Body is our way to help ensure their future health and intellectual aspirations.