Charter News • November 21, 2021


“Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do 

with what there is.”    – Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea


Dear Charter Families,

As we step further into our Thanksgiving break I want to extend my feelings of gratitude to all of the families who have chosen to enroll in one of our Charter programs. I am grateful to be able to support the lives of so many wonderful students and their parents.

- I am thankful that the students are feeling relaxed and able to be themselves in our small school setting. That they are able to stay involved in their learning and that they find support in their learning with their teachers and fellow students.

- I appreciate and admire Danelle; our admin assistant, Janet; our registrar, and Paloma; our custodian.  They are tireless in the work that they do every day.  They helped to manage the move through all the various obstacles that we faced due to known and unforeseen circumstances. They continue with the day-to-day needs of their job of supporting our students and staff with a smile and nearly tireless effort.

- I admire and am ever appreciative of our passionate, creative, and collaborative staff. Each and every one of them is dedicated to the Charter and the program(s) that they serve. They go above and beyond in their hours and the ways that they connect with their students, always exploring ways to enrich and deepen the learning environment, always open to new ideas for their professional growth.

- I am thankful for the support we have received from the District and the ways in which we have been able to step up and support the Independent Study needs of the families from the various schools in our district this year.  It was a fast addition to our program offerings, with new State regulations for all independent study programs that we were able to implement fairly quickly and seamlessly due to the expertise and flexibility of our staff. While the campus renovations are not complete, the work continues with the District teams and the Charter community seems understanding of the remodeling transition the Quail Hollow site is currently undergoing.

The Quail Hollow location is very peaceful, with a lot of wildlife and outdoor space for the students to play and work in. The students appear to be enjoying taking claim of their new school site and finding ways to intermingle with the various programs and age levels. Our students show care and respect with their teachers and fellow students (..for the most part, I should say as they are still growing and developing.) We have started our K-8 Student Council, met with students in grades 4-8 and discussed ideas and activities that they are excited to help implement. The high school students are also developing their own culture and traditions at CRHS this year. We are all slowly discussing ways that they can interact more with the K-8 students. We have been fortunate in the limited number of positive COVID cases that we have had, with little to no transmission exposures. We have a very caring group of parents who are respectful of differences and supportive of their child’s classrooms and the school site needs..

I hope that you are in agreement with my reflections and I also hope that you all feel the ability to reach out with any concerns that you may have. I really want to know your thoughts!  

I have put the link to our WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) parent survey in this email.

My request is that you will find a quiet moment during the Thanksgiving Break to fill it out for us. The questions are focused on the key areas that schools reflect on to ensure that we are doing our best in supporting students. Various criteria include Vision and Purpose, Governance, Leadership, Staff, and Resources, Curriculum, Learning and Teaching, Assessment and Accountability, School Culture and Support for Student Personal Social-Emotional, and  Academic Growth. The parents that come to the Parent Advisory Committee meetings helped vet the questions on this survey, along with the staff.

Thanks for sharing your family and children and may you have a relaxing, healthy, and joyful break.



Dates to Remember:

    • Monday-Friday, November 22-26: Thanksgiving Break
    • Monday, November 29: School resumes under our program’s regular schedules.
  • Tuesday, December 7: Parent Advisory Committee meeting.
  • Friday, December 16: End of first semester for CRHS students.
  • Friday, December 17: No School-Winter Break begins
  • Monday-Friday, December 20-31: No School-Winter Break
  • Monday, January 3: School resumes

Key Contacts

Administrator: Rhonda Schlosser: [email protected]

Administrative Assistant: Danelle Matteson: [email protected]

Registrar: Janet Hendricks [email protected]

Mental Health Counselor: Robin Bates  [email protected]

Resource Specialist: Melanie Entner[email protected]

HS Academic Counselor: Mary Zilge  [email protected]

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