Charter News • May 15, 2020

  • “Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it's less good than the one you had before. You can fight it, you can do nothing but scream about what you've lost, or you can accept that and try to put together something that's good.”      ~Elizabeth Edwards

Dear Charter Families,


It has been great to have a slight lifting of the Shelter in Place restrictions and feel that Spring is here, with some lovely days of rain to freshen the air.  


As a reminder, all of the Charter Programs will have a modified schedule through the rest of the school year, with this week, May 18-22 being the last ‘regular week’.  

  • May 25, Memorial Day Holiday will start a four day week of modified work and Zoom meetings along with most of our Graduations/Advancement celebrations. 
  • The first week of June will only be for students to turn in any late work and we will have a few other celebrations on June 1, 2. (All of our celebration dates are in the Dates to Remember at the end of this Newsletter.)  

The Charter Programs are all about relationships, connections and community as a part of our learning. All of our teachers have done a great job throughout the year in meeting with your students regularly to maintain the continuity of their connections and support their learning.  But we didn’t leave in March thinking that we would be ending the school year without being able to say goodbye in a personal, face-to-face way. It’s tough for all of us. This year is ending in a way that does not ‘feel’ normal.  However!...

Huge Kudos to our teachers once again for finding a way to maintain their program’s end of year Graduation or Advancement traditions as best as they could through a little something extra that they will be doing to honor your students (to be unveiled to you via each program’s teacher(s)).  I know that all of you will remember this end of the year celebrations as something special due to the heartfelt efforts our teachers are putting into them.  


Plans for Reopening: As you may have read in Dr. Bruton’s last update, we are looking into how we will reopen Schools in August ensuring the health and safety concerns are at the top of our priorities. 

There will be probably restrictions to ensure everyone’s safety amidst this pandemic that will include further Distance Learning at some time or another.  In order to help prepare for this, the District will be offering staff development training in June. The Charter staff will take this opportunity to also discuss and collaborate to determine the best ways to maintain the integrity and unique aspects of each of our programs when we need to maintain Distance Learning during the school year. 


We will keep you updated as to how the new school year will roll out as soon as we can but it is too early to know what will be needed in August.  The Public Health and California State Department of Education have a primary roll in this.

Take care everyone.



Measure S Passes - SLVHS School Bond Approved: Charter Next Steps

The final election results for Measure S have now been certified and the bond passed 55.12% to 44.88.

The District will be moving forward with a variety of projects on the various campuses.

Construction and renovations will affect the SLV Charter programs as well as every school in the District. 


Look for a special email with more detail on how the bond and construction and renovations will affect the SLV Charter.




Virtual Talent Show: A big Shout out to Amber and the 6 brave contestants who performed some very creative homestyle talent through our Zoom Show.  This year we were able to see some trampoline and hoverboard talent, unique additions to our stay-at-home restrictions.  There were 42 participants in the audience, with many middle and high school students cheering on the elementary students who shared their talents. 


The number of students who signed onto this Zoom event on a Friday evening was very indicative of how important our VAPA Charter events are and how important it is for our Charter to maintain the creative talent that we prize so much. This event was a testimony to the continuing need to support our community building, even if all we have are online methods.  Thanks again, Amber and to the students who participated.



From our Mental Health Counselor: Some of you may not know that Robin has been creating videos for our various age ranges and has been sending them to the teachers to offer to students as an optional weekly assignment.


We will be developing a link on our website that will contain all of her videos and downloadable worksheets and activities to support Children’s Mental Wellness at Home.


Here is one that even parents may enjoy doing!  “The Comfort Box” . This is a lesson in “Open Focus” and “Focusing Away” in times of distress. It includes a fun art activity that can be done in a variety of ways



Immunizations.  Some families have questions regarding efforts to keep current on their child’s vaccination schedules to meet school requirements, specifically for our incoming Kinders and advancing sixth graders for next fall. Below I have listed clinics that are still offering well child checks and immunization appointments. Some clinics will provide car visits. Please contact the office first. Contact me if I can be of any help obtaining further information or discussing your students specific progress on being up to date on their vaccination requirements.

Sarah Dahlen, SLVUSD School Nurse: [email protected]

  • KAISER - Providing immunizations to any patient who is due. Parents can contact PCP via online messaging to have the order placed.  All clinics are open on a drop in basis from 9am-5pm
  • SALUD PARA LA GENTE - Immunization Clinics are open 8:30am - 7 pm, Monday - Saturday
  • SANTA CRUZ HEALTH SERVICES - Immunization clinic is open M-F 1:30-3:30pm. Appointments preferred. At moment they have limited hours, case by case basis due to COVID
  • WATSONVILLE HEALTH CENTER - Immunization clinic is open M-F 1-3:45pm. No appointment necessary. $15/shot if insurance does not cover, All school-required immunizations available
  • E.CLIFF FAMILY HEALTH CENTER - Offering immunizations for children age 5 and under. For children over this age, it is up to the discretion of the physician on a case by case basis
  • PAMF - Existing patients can call clinics to make appointments for immunizations
  • DIGNITY HEALTH - Boulder Creek Medical - not making any immunization appointments at this time. Other offices are leaving it up to the discretion of the doctors, call the specific clinic
  • PLANNED PARENTHOOD - Not offering vaccines or well child visits at this time. Existing patients need to call after May 1 for appointments
  • PHARMACIES - Call your pharmacies for hours and current availabilities of immunizations

From our Student Nutrition Department:  Please visit the SLV District’sStudent Nutrition webpage for complete information regarding ways we are supporing families food needs   THANKS to the SLV Nutrition Services Team for their outstanding service, dedication and commitment to students.


WHEN & WHERE IS SLV BREAKFAST/LUNCH MEAL PICKUP?  Each week on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:00am to 11:00am at both BCE and the SLV tri-campus until Tuesday, June 30, 2020. *PLEASE NOTE:  Week of June 1st - meal pickup will be Tuesday, June 2nd and Thursday, June 4th to accommodate SLVHS Graduation Ceremony


Is You Famiy Eligible for Safeway Gift Cards?  If you have recently been laid off or have lost hours at work that result in a loss of wages, you may qualify for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program and will also be eligible for the Safeway gift cards. It is our hope that we can assist SLVUSD students in this small way by helping to buy groceries for families.


Here is where to apply to the SLV Free/Reduced Lunch Program; link provided HERE.


Safeway gift cards, provided by "SLV Food for Families," are available for pick up during the regular breakfast/lunch meal pickups as long as funds are available.


How You Can Help? If you are currently employed, please consider helping the families in SLV feed their children. This is a disturbing time for all of us, but for those who are struggling to feed their children, it is terrifying. Please help us take care of our kids and our families for a better tomorrow for all of us.   **If your company or business participates in matching donation programs, please consider supporting SLV Food for Families. Every penny of this money will go to SLVUSD families who are struggling.




Dates to Remember: 

  • May 25: NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day
  • May 28th: QHIA 8th grade Advancement:  11:00 am Zoom,  Afterward teacher will deliver Advancement Certificate and Book to each 8th grader’s home.
  • May 28: Quail Hollow Homeschool 5th grade Celebration: 10:00 am  Zoom Afterward Parents will pick up certificates, etc.  at the classroom 
  • May 29th: CRHS Graduation: 12:30 pm Zoom honors and graduation declaration
  • June 1: Nature Academy 8th-grade Advancement: Morning; teachers will drive to each students’ home and give out their yearbook, bandanas, and LifeSkills certificates. Afternoon Zoom viewing of  advancement video 
  • June 2: CRMS 8th-grade Advancement: Zoom time 3 pm-7 pm   (Between the hours of)
    • June 4: Fall Creek Homeschool 5th grade Celebration: 12:00 pm  Zoom  Afterward teacher will deliver advancement gift to each 5th grader
  • June 4: Last Day of School