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History Model lessons based on the California State Standards.  http://www.history.ctaponline.org/index.cfm 
History This is the website for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It is an excellent site for teaching the Holocaust and WWII. So much good stuff here: primary source documents, photos, (catalogued by date, event, place, etc.), survivor stories, live link to the museum.  http://www.ushmm.org/ 
History This site is child friendly and focuses on ancient Egypt. this site includes many art projects, museum tours, lessons, resources, quizzes, etc. This site provides 6th grade students with the tools they need to make mummy replicas, create a model of the Great Pyramid, take a quiz, look at and learn about the different wild animals of the Nile, color in a coloring book, go on a safari, write in hieroglyphs and so much more!  http://www.guardians.net/egypt/kids/ 
History Popular songs in American History gives lyrics and actually plays the tune by way of a Midi file that allows the class to sing along. There are many songs from the American Revolution, the Civil War, Westward Expansion, Gold Rush and more…!  http://www.contemplator.com/america/index.html 
History Colonial Williamsburg history. Click on the history link and you’ll get brief write-ups as well as photos.  http://www.history.org/history/index.cfm 
History There was a treasure trove of information to be found here regarding the history of Israel. The look of the site is exceptional and the photos, graphics, and maps are first-rate. Links are excellent, although some are memory intensive.  http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/ 
History This website has detailed information on George Washington for students from 3rd grade through high school. There’s a George Washington webquest that challenges student to search for interesting facts on the website.  http://www.gwpapers.virginia.edu/ 
History Jamestown history  http://www.preservationvirginia.org/rediscovery/page.php?page_id=8 
History There was a treasure trove of information to be found here regarding the history of Israel. The look of the site is exceptional and the photos, graphics, and maps are first-rate. Links are excellent, although some are memory intensive.  http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/ 
History Monticello history and fascinating info into the lifestyle of Thomas Jefferson.  http://www.monticello.org/ 
History This is a fascinating inside look at the architecture, culture, Native American history, presidents, (as well as other related info.).  http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/index.html 
History This site treats ancient Egyptian history and culture in ten major domains, offering timelines and interactive activities for each. The site is visually pleasing and well-done graphically. One great aspect of the site is that each domain has stories that accompany it. the stories have hypertext links for difficult vocabulary. this site has so much to help anyone who would make teaching ancient Egyptian history fun.  http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/menu.html 
History Library of Congress. You can feel confident the content is valid.  http://www.aoc.gov/ 
History This site gives great information for young students on archeological site and fossil finds. There are great interactive activities for your students as well.  http://www.pbs.org/ 
Homeschool  Welcome To Finding Homeschool Support on the Internet  http://www.geocities.com/Athens/8259/ 
Homeschool  Homeschool Top Sites - Best Homeschool Sites on the Internet ...  http://www.homeschooltopsites.com/ 
Homeschool  Homeschool Association of California  http://www.hsc.org/143.html 
Homeschool  Internet Resources for Homeschooling  http://www.homeschool-how-to.com/internet-resources-for-homeschooling.html 
Homeschool  The Teacher’s Cafe  http://www.theteacherscafe.com/Teacher-Directory/Free-Homeschool-Resources.htm 
Homeschool  About.com has a wealth of resources. This is a first stop for any homeschool family.  http://homeschooling.about.com/ 
Homeschool  e-Tutor.com - Online tutoring, learning, and homeschooling resources  http://www.e-tutor.com/ 
Homeschool  Homeschooling Links & Links for Homeschoolers  http://www.internet-resources.com/homeschool/ 
Homeschool  Home School Internet Resource Center for Homeschool Programs and More  http://www.rsts.net/home/ 
Homeschool  Internet Resources For Homeschooling  http://www.homeschool-how-to.com/internet-resources-for-homeschooling.html 
Technology MS Word Teaching Microsoft Word Lesson Plan Beginner Introduction - Practice Test Skill Free Drill Data Program Activities Kids Class Free Software Exercise.  http://www.moneyinstructor.com/lesson/mswordintro.asp 
Technology MS Excel Spreadsheet Lesson Plans  http://www.manassas.k12.va.us/round/classweb/volz/excelweb/sslplan.htm 
Technology MS Excel Lesson Activity: Class Party Spreadsheet  http://lessonplans.btskinner.com/ssgrocer.html 
Technology Operating A Computer This website teaches a student through interaction, how to use almost all of the function related to operating a computer. The lessons are by grade level and the teacher sets the lesson patterns.  http://www.learning.com/ 
Technology MS Excel Lesson Plan: Comparing Prices of Dream Cars (Excel Spreadsheet Project)  http://www.microsoft.com/education/dreamcar.mspx 
Technology Operating A Computer A good website with thousands of computer self-help related tips, tricks, tweaks, tutorials and computer related articles that will help you get to know your operating system and help it work smoothly and safely.  http://www.5starsupport.com/ 
Technology MS Word Good stuff! Elementary students become web designers. They construct a web page using Microsoft Word that includes links to fun places for kids.  http://www.technokids.com/computer-curriculum/junior-computer-curriculum.aspx 
Technology Operating A Computer Computer dictionary site and search engine for computer and Internet technology definitions.  http://www.webopedia.com/ 
Technology MS Excel Santa's Elf Spreadsheet Lesson  http://www.ceap.wcu.edu/coulter/portfolio/subject_specific/spreadsheet/ss1.htm 
Technology MS Excel ABC’s to Excel. Be creative and use Excel in a variety of ways to enhance your curriculum. Explore, develop and design activities to involve students.  http://www.forsythcountyschools.org/its/kadkins/abc.htm 
Technology MS Excel Excel Templates, Elementary Grade Level. Excel Instructional Activities and Ideas.  http://www.sabine.k12.la.us/class/excel_resources.htm 
Technology MS Excel A very good site for utilizing a spreadsheets with students.  http://www.teach-nology.com/themes/comp/spreadsheets/ 
Technology MS Excel Lesson Plan: Let's Go Shopping  excelrecp.html 
Technology Website Creation Seven steps to creating your own website for free!  http://www.davesite.com/webstation/free-web-site-creation/ 
Technology Website Creation Website creation tutorial for beginners.  http://www.2createawebsite.com/ 
Technology MS Excel Making a Mess O'Mousse Lesson  http://www.sfusd.edu/schwww/sch634/Webpages/7thgr/mousse.html 
Technology MS Excel Lemonade Stand Business--Spreadsheet, Internet, and Powerpoint Project  http://www.teachers.net/lessons/posts/1542.html 
Technology MS Excel Datapig Excel Tutorials  http://www.datapigtechnologies.com/ExcelMain.htm 
Technology MS Excel Lesson plans for grades 3-5 using a spreadsheet.  http://www.fi.edu/fellows/fellow4/may99/spreadsheet.html 
Technology MS Excel Fast Food Fun with Spreadsheets Lesson  http://www.wmburgweb.com/Resources/Lesson/index.htm 
Technology MS Powerpoint Students of all ages can create multimedia presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. Teach them how using this fun-filled, online tutorial.  http://www.actden.com/PP/ 
Technology MS Powerpoint 10 Secrets for Using PowerPoint Effectively. You can take many courses on how to use PowerPoint from a technical standpoint, but when it is used effectively, it can add tremendously to our presentations. Here are ten secrets based on years of experience in developing and using presentation slides that will help you move from being technically proficient to using PowerPoint effectively.  http://www.thinkoutsidetheslide.com/articles/ten_secrets_for_using_powerpoint.htm 
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