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San Lorenzo Valley Homeschool

325 Marion Ave, Ben Lomond,CA9500 Tom Cannon  931.336.9439
 831.336.5167 Fax: 831.336.0131 Resource Library: 831.336.9439 Amber Walker   831.336.9439

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We believe children learn better when they are allowed to follow their interests and passions. We offer flexibility in educational approach which is individualized to each student’s style. Each student’s curriculum is developed by parent and child with support of consulting teacher. We apply CA state standards individually to the child’s learning style and developmental readiness.

Learning is not separated from living. Learning opportunities may include: one to one instruction, self directed inquiry and activities, group exploration, use of computers, elective class and activity participation, field trips, family work and play, and the conscious involvement in every day life.

Our students are happy, curious, and passionate about their interests. They develop effective social skills, proficient academic skills, and become life long learners. Our students use the community as their classroom and are exposed to new skills, fields of knowledge, and areas of great human endeavor.