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Charter News: May 1, 2015

posted May 11, 2015, 4:33 PM by Rhonda Schlosser   [ updated May 11, 2015, 4:35 PM ]

“ There is nothing like a dream to create the future”  ~Victor Hugo

Dear Charter Families,

The countdown to the last day of the school year has begun in earnest.  Come Monday there are 28 school days left until June 11.  We are finishing up the state testing and beginning the end of year wrap up of final activities, post benchmark assessments, end of year conferences, and starting the plans for all our annual advancement and graduation ceremonies.  Please help your students to stay focused on their academics and learning plans as we wind down the year..even though the summer months are beckoning.  

Each program has very special and unique end of year events planned. I look forward to this time of the year for all the many culminating activities that the teachers  design to showcase your students year with their classmates. What fabulous teachers and parents our Charter programs has in order to pull off such personalized events. Once again, I am honored to support such a great school team.


2015-16 Enrollment

SLV Charter School is starting to accept registration for the 2015-16 School Year. Program preference is given to:

1)  Current students who have submitted their 2015-16 Intent to Return form by April 17th

2)  Incoming siblings  who have applied to the Charter  for 2015-16

3)  New families on the 2015-16 Wait list.

If you have yet to submit a 2015-16 Intent to Return form, please do so immediately to avoid losing your  placement.

If you are not sure whether you submitted this form or would like to confirm your 2015-16 placement please  contact the Charter office at 336-5167.    

LCAP Update

A big thanks to all of the parents who attended the LCAP meeting on April 23.  We had parents representing the majority of our programs and heard many great ideas on how to support our students academic success with the support of the LCAP supplemental funds. There were good conversations between parents of the various programs and common threads wove through the discussions.  

Here are some of the suggestions:  

Outdoor  wilderness education    • Science, technology, Engineering Math opportunities        • Support for learning challenged     • Assigning more RSP support for Charter     •  Access to woodshop, metalsmithing, auto shop    • Hands on applied mathematics    • Students working as a group with project based learning  • Support for Gifted & Talented   •After school Homework club - coordinated and supported by parents for math & writing; separating it for grade level needs  • shared location for multiple tutors and shared learning with opportunity for peer tutoring  • Counseling with more hours for  parents, groups, students  VAPA enrichment Performing Arts enrichment     • Team building activities    • Writing tutors

• Bookshare - author’s share - Book sales of quality books   • Career development - robotics, coding, engineering (Lego, maker, tinkering)  • Greater emphasis of County Science Fair  

• Job shadowing

It was noted that many of the suggestions didn’t take additional money, just organization and support by the parents, programs and administration. Next steps will be for me to create a plan of how to integrate as much of this as possible, tying the $24,000 supplemental funds to various support services/ resources.  I will keep you updated.

Testing update:  A heartfelt thank you to all the parents who supported their students in completing the new CAASPP on-line SBAC tests.  Four of our seven programs have completed the testing. Nature Academy students will be done once they complete their math tests in the next couple weeks, CRMS students begin testing this week, and CRHS 11th graders will complete their tests the week of May 18th.

I know that this new test still has a lot of ‘bugs’ to work through, and that not everyone has a positive view about it. And for these reasons, I am especially grateful to all of you who participated.  Thank you for encouraging your students to do their best.  I spoke to many of the students in the various classrooms and they told me that it was not that bad, with some easy and some hard parts. We reminded them to keep using their curious, deductive brains when the questions were worded strangely. The students showed a wonderful positive attitude throughout the various tests. Many said they liked it better than the paper/pencil STAR tests.

And a big thanks to the teachers, our Charter support staff, and the District Tech crew for all their work and dedication in getting this done as smoothly and easily for the students as possible.

Thank you!

A huge thank you to Doug Fraser for donating a kiln to the Charter, and also for spearheading the delivery to it’s new home at the Quail Hollow site.  Many thanks to the parent volunteers who helped with the move; both from his house, lifting a large 400 lb. kiln onto a truck and then helping with the move at the school end as well.

Wonderfully it was able to be placed in a designated kiln space, already used for kiln firings in last years, with ventilation and  proper electrical wiring.  

Thank you Doug and Colin Fraser, Trudi James and Phil Heskitt, Shanda Churchill, Lee Dean, and Don Cerow for your time, and physical effort with this move. (Hopefully I didn’t leave anyone out).  We now have a kiln that all programs can use when they have a ceramics course.


A parent education evening on “How to Support your Child in Dealing with Stress and Anxiety” Wednesday, May 13. Room 12 at the Quail Hollow Campus, SLVUSD District Office

from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

NOTE: While this is a meeting specifically for GATE identified students, others may attend, provided they RSVP and there is sufficient room.

Please RSVP to Karen Luera – or 831-336-8852

What’s Going on in Our Charter School?  ..little snippets of some of our programs.

BC Homeschool: Both groups are completing creative, collaborative projects relating to their Space theme. Grades 3-5 created an Animoto presentation, grades K-2 created their own song lyrics related to what they have learned. Kids and parents are gathering pictures to complete their yearbook.

FC Homeschool: The class is continuing their studies on living lightly on the Earth. Upcoming field trips in May include a trip to Camp Joy with plant sale activities, and one  to Bonny Doon Ecological Reserve.  Kids and parents are gathering pictures to complete their yearbook.

SLV Homeschool: Block 4 classes continue. A few of the classes: The Yearbook class is gathering pictures and beginning the editing process.  The Gardening class volunteers built the shed and are enjoying group activities relating to the garden. Math classes had their weight estimation activity relating to 'shopping'. Pinhole photography classes are thriving.

Nature Academy: Renaissance Celebration Day Friday, May 8 at Highlands Park.  Costumed students will:   •be photographed  •learn/practice juggling skills  •complete a Renaissance-inspired art activity •participate in an interview activity    •indulge in an auction     •feast    •participate in relays and other active events. And possibly: •be introduced to trained birds similar to those of Renaissance times      •view presentation about swords - including authentic duels/ combat.

CRMS: Persuasive Writing:  The kids worked in their groups to complete final drafts of their persuasive letters in support of the Puma Project.  Project Presentations on the history of guitars, African wildlife poaching, the history of baseball, and the history of video games.   Bravo presenters!  Science:  The kids worked in pairs on a lab to investigate the effect of different concentrations of medicinal plant extracts on planaria regeneration.  Art:  The kids worked on taking photos and uploading their photos to prepare for editing.  Yearbook in process!

CRHS: CONGRATULATIONS TO CRHS 9th GRADE VARSITY DIVER - MALANA OLSON. Malana has moved into the CCS swim and dive trials on May 15 in Santa Clara and we are supporting her all the way to State Championships!   CONGRATULATIONS TO CRHS 11TH GRADE KATELYN PRALY FOR BEING HER ROP AQUACULTURES CLASS PORTFOLIO WINNER. Katelyn will participate in a final interview and move into the Santa Cruz County ROP Portfolio Competition held May 21 at Harbor High School!   CONGRATULATIONS TO CRHS SENIOR TRYSTON CRUZ for being the recipient of several prestigious college scholarships!  CONGRATULATION TO CRHS SENIOR RYAN KALSKE-McCORMACK for being awarded an internship with the Boulder Creek Fire Department

Mountain IS: Their Earth Day celebration was a huge success. They will be completing their National Parks reports, two Book Club events, a Spring Music Concert, Open House, Spring Auction, the Pentathlon, art with Jan, PE with Mrs. Fleming, and their three-day study trip to Yosemite!      

DATES TO REMEMBER:   (Please refer to your program’s newsletter for greater detail regarding dates and details specific to your program’s Field Trips and class events.)

  • April 10-May 15: Testing window.  

  • May 13:  GATE Parent Night

  • May 14: Nature Academy Open House 6:00-7:30

  • May 21:  Fall Creek advancement celebration: Fall Creek

  • May 25th:  No School-- Memorial Day

  • June 3:  SLV Homeschool graduation/pool party Camp Hammer

  • June 4:  BC Homeschool advancement: Quail Hollow

  • June 5:  CRHS graduation

  • June 5:   Mountain IS end-of-year gathering

  • June 10: Mountain IS 6th grade advancement celebration

  • June 11: CRMS advancement ceremony & celebration, Bonny Doon

  • June 11  Nature Academy advancement ceremony & celebration, Santa Cruz

  • June 11: Last Student Day