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Charter News January 29, 2016

posted Feb 1, 2016, 9:05 PM by Rhonda Schlosser

Optimism is the Faith that leads to achievement.  Nothing can be done without

hope and confidence.       ~Helen Keller

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” (Aristotle)

Dear Charter Families,

As part of the Charter petition and WASC review, the staff and parent advisory committee have revisited and revised our Mission and Vision, as well as our school’s School Wide Outcomes.  These elements are the foundation of our school, and how the programs within it direct their educational support. They are written to define our focus; to help guide the how and what of our work supporting your students’ learning. Ideally our school’s mission and vision are a direct representation of the experience you and your student receive in our programs and with our staff.   Hopefully you agree.



The SLVUSD Charter School’s mission is to create and sustain unique alternatives to traditional school models within the public education system. The programs within the SLVUSD Charter School are built upon strong academics, family involvement, and community interactions.

The Charter School programs provide a personalized and collaborative approach to teaching   Core Curriculum and are designed to develop educated individuals who thrive and are well prepared for the future within a global community.


1. Strong Academics: Encouraging Lifelong Growth

The desired skills, knowledge and attitudes we encourage students to develop are directly linked to our vision of a life­long learner. These skills and attitudes include an open, self-­motivated passion for learning and an ability to use one’s mind analytically, creatively, and in a practical manner for self and common good. Teachers and parents understand the varying growth rates of children, and create lessons based on the students’ developmental readiness and learning preferences.

2. Family Involvement: Developing Positive Character and Citizenship

SLVUSD Charter students will develop a personal identity within their families, school, community, and the greater world. SLVUSD Charter teachers and parents will work together to help students  foster the attributes of truthfulness, trustworthiness, and personal best efforts. They will understand, practice, and serve as engaged citizens in their families and larger communities.

3. Community Interaction: Integrated Learning

Curriculum is presented in a dynamic, flexible, challenging and multidisciplinary manner. Teaching will be a collaborative effort among faculty, staff, parents, students, and community. Our community serves as an extended campus through guest experts, workshops, and supervised internships. There are a variety of program teaching delivery models, such as: Full time classroom, blended classroom and homeschooling, and full time homeschooling.

Parent Advisory Committee: At our last meeting, we discussed the formation of the Charter programs, clarified wording of the School Wide Outcomes, and began the discussion of measurable outcomes, referring to the Charter petition matrix.

Next meeting: Tuesday, Feb 9 3-4 pm  in the Felton, Fall Creek office.

Dr. Bruton will join us to discuss the State of the District and LCAP.   We will be discussing the Charter’s LCAP and how it supports our 5 year action plan.   JOIN US!

PARENT EDUCATION: BEGIN WITH THE  BRAIN: Three Things Parents Need to Know

DATE: Feb 10         TIME: 5:30-7:00

LOCATION: Fall Creek Charter office or Ludlow Center (based on # of attendees)  

*This topic (and location) is offered based on parent requests from our parent survey as of last week.  Your most recent input will direct our next parent education topic and location.

Dear Charter Parents, (A Note from the presenter - Martha Kaufeldt)

I have just finished an exciting year of working with the QH Homeschool program. In the last decade I have primarily been writing books for teachers and presenting at conferences internationally. It is so inspiring to get to work with families and students and help them learn - based on the way brains learn naturally!

I hope you will come to this first Parent Education Session I am offering on Feb.10th- 5:30 - 7:00pm at the Fall Creek Charter Office. I think you will be fascinated by some of the most recent brain research and how you might better understand your children's development.

A big emphasis will be on how the busy demands of 21st Century families, frequent "screen" usage, and less outdoor play time is affecting kid's brain growth.

If you are saying to yourself, "We are just too busy to go to this."  Then it might be really important for you to come!!!

Light snacks will be provided for adults and kids. Childcare is provided. (Please RSVP to Julie help us plan) This would be a great opportunity to have spouses, co-parents, and partners attend together and learn some things that will help everyone understand your children's development and learning needs.

I look forward to meeting you on February 10th. Visit my Facebook Page or website: Begin With the Brain

PARENT EDUCATION: We are expanding our parent education nights to help with your students education and your support in their learning process.  We still want your input for our future evenings. We would appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete this brief, 6 question survey.

What’s Going on in Our Charter School?  ..little snippets of some of our programs.

All Homeschool Charter grade  K-8 Science Fair: THIS COMING WEEK: Friday, February 5th.

Nature Academy :   The 7th and 8th graders are starting their Whirligig project.  The students have signed up for different projects to demonstrate the theme of the book ‘Empathy to Action’.  Some of the projects include a Little Library, Create a quilt that will be donated to a hospital, Art displays, and many other thoughtful ideas.  The 6th graders are working on Volcano Games, Cay essay, China Map and their Country report.

Coast Redwood High School: Coast Redwood High School students have their eyes on the future with their Cash for College event that will help all interested students and parents understand FAFSA.  Seniors are already ordering caps and gowns for graduation and the information regarding the Alcatraz field trip was sent home.

Coast Redwood Middle School: The class will be having a Tech Museum Field Trip on Thursday, 2/25.  Wish List: Marcy is asking parents to bring in their power bills for this month, and for the months to come.  In class, students will be learning to read and understand the bills and will use the information as a jumping off place for understanding power usage across the globe.

Quail Hollow Homeschool: The Quail Hollow Homeschool students are gearing up for the All Charter Science Fair on February, 5th.  Fee Fi Fo Fum play practice has started this week.  We are looking forward to another fantastic production from our All Charter students!  We are very excited to have everyone back together again with the start of our block 3 classes.  

Fall Creek Homeschool:  Many of our Fall Creek Families helped with the beautification of the play yard.  LIsa has been meeting with families to ramp up for the 2nd half of the year.  Fall Creek resumes classes at 10 am on February 2nd.

Mountain IS:  The children are very excited to start play rehearsals in earnest.  6th grade students have scripted a fun and engaging adventure with many of your family histories.  This should be a lively musical with songs and dances, as well as very dramatic scenes!   We will continue to have art, music, and PE class as well, but it will be smaller groups taking turns with play rehearsals.  

Math Tutor: Aaron Shaw, our math tutor, has scheduled hours at the following Felton locations and times:

  • Mondays from 12-3:30  in portable 5 with teacher Brian Heery; Math 1 & 2 emphasis

  • CHANGE in DAY:  This semester, Aaron Shaw will be offering his math tutoring in portable 28 at the middle school campus on Wednesday starting January 20, from, 2:15-4pm.

Please come with your math homework and questions ready.

Community Events:  Santa Cruz Mountains Surf Club:    Were you aware that there is a surf club available to students who are interested?  One of our very own Charter parents, Joni Martin, has been involved with this organization for quite some time and is inviting students to come and check it out!  There is a club team for high school and another for middle school age students. Please read the attached flyers for more information.  

Charter Information Nights / Nature Academy’s Lottery Window:

Dear Parents,

Please share this information with any families you may know who may be interested.

Nature Academy Information Night:

Date:  Tuesday, March 15   Time:  6pm - 7pm      Location:  SLV Middle School Library

Nature Academy Application Window:

Open:  Tuesday, March 15th    Close:  Friday, April 15th, 3:00 pm.

Lottery will be held on April 22 at 3 pm.

Homeschool Information Night:

Date:  Tuesday, March 22 Time:  6pm - 7pm Location:  SLV Middle School Library

DATES TO REMEMBER: (Please refer to your program’s newsletter for greater detail regarding dates and details specific to your program’s Field Trips and class events.)

  • February 5: Science Fair, Quail Hollow Classrooms

  • February 8: No School, District Holiday

  • February 9: Parent Advisory Meeting: 3-4pm Dr. Bruton and State of the District/LCAP

  • February 10:  5:50-7:00 Parent Education Night: Begin with the Brain.

  • February 15: No School, District Holiday

  • February 26: End of Second Trimester