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Charter News: January 25, 2017-18

posted Jan 28, 2018, 3:50 PM by Rhonda Schlosser

“We are each other's harvest; we are each other's business; we are each other's magnitude and bond.”

Gwendolyn Brooks

Dear Charter Families,

I hope you had a lovely Friday off and that it helped to launch a relaxing weekend for you and your family.  The Charter staff worked together on strategic planning for the coming year and beyond.  It is always so invigorating to work together as an entire Charter staff, with teachers thinking and planning for the best needs and practices for their programs supporting students across all grade levels.  We have such a wealth of knowledge and such dedicated teacher learners.  This professional development day in particular reminded us all how well we collaborate and inspire each other to become even more reflective and creative in our educational plans.

Our All Charter play, Cinder-Idol begins their performances this week. Cinder-Idol: What the World Needs Now. It is, once again, an original script written by Janinne Chadwick, our local playwright from Ben Lomond. It is the classic tale twisted together with today's reality talent show craze, with step-sisters resembling the Spice Girls, Motown fairy godparents, Elvis, Prince, and music ranging from pop, rock n' roll, Motown, and the Beatles.  There are 72 of our students on the play from 6 of our 7 programs!  I hope you come to see it.  It is a treat that I know you will enjoy!

Enjoy the weekend.


NOTE: All newsletters will be archived on our website if you would like to confirm any information.  Specific pertinent information can also be found on our website so if you have an opportunity, please give it a review.

CRHS Peer Counseling training a success!: !2 of our high school students, grades 9-12,  spent their Friday off with our mental health counselor, Jen Sims in an intensive all day training on peer counseling.  This was the initial day of a 15+ hour training that will end in a certificate.  Students learned about confidentiality and consent laws for students under the age of 18, they had discussions around values, active listening, building rapport, attending, reflective listening, paraphrasing, open and closed questions, neutral goal setting. There will be additional follow up meetings where the students will learn more about the craft of peer counseling as well as having time to practice their skills.  Each student will also have a mini internship during the school year in support of the various schools in our district.  We are excited to have this opportunity to train our high school students through a professional counselor.   The students talked about a variety of ways to incorporate their skills into working with and for their peers and the younger grades in our schools. This is a fantastic way to help deepen our commitment to building and ensuring a safe and supportive social emotional environment for our programs.

Thank you, Jen!

Parent Advisory Committee: Next meeting Dr. Bruton will be joining us to talk about the State of the District. All parents are invited to come.

Thursday, February 8th, from 3-4 pm in the Fall Creek Charter office.  

This meeting will be a follow up on what we did not cover this last meeting and will be on the new California School Dashboard online tool.                               

SLVUSD Charter Information Night: Hybrid Home/School Programs.

SLVUSD Charter School is hosting an Information Night on Tuesday, March 13 at the SLV Middle School Library (second floor) from 5:30-7:30 pm located in Felton.

Questions regarding Charter Information Night?

Email Danelle Matteson at or Holly Thomas

at Contact: 831-336-5167 or 831-335-0932

Staying healthy during this flu season!









Opportunities in our Community:

Santa Cruz County Fashion Show FashionTEENS will once again take place at the Civic Auditorium on April 20, 2018. This year, they are partnering with the Santa Cruz County Office of Education to help support the program. Last year they gave away over $1000 in cash prizes to students. The 120 participating students came from 16 Middle and High Schools in Santa Cruz County. We hope your students will join them!  Please contact your teacher or Danelle Matteson if you would like to participate!


  • Open to all current middle and high school students in Santa Cruz County

  • The garment must have been created after June 1, 2017

  • All applications must be received by February 16, 2018

  • Applications are online and hard copies will be available in the MS, HS and Charter school offices

  • Students will be notified by February 26, 2018 if they will be participating in the show

  • The Fashion Show will be held on April 20, 2018

What’s Going on in Our Charter School?  ..little snippets of some of our programs.

Coast Redwood HS: All students and parents are welcome to attend SLVHS College night on January 31st  at 6:30 pm in the HS MPR (Multipurpose Room). This informational meeting features the discussion and questions on the following topics, presented by our teachers and representatives from UC and State Universities, as well as Community Colleges.

Coast Redwood MS: Upcoming Field trips: March 7th, San Francisco Zoo, April 25th, Rosicrucian Museum.

Nature Academy:  6th grade is wrapping up their Egypt mini project and continuing with their novel Tangerine. They finished their native plants elective with homeschooler Levi Glatt. Levi is only 17 and has already written,illustrated, and published a  book: ‘Medicinal Plants of Santa Cruz County.’   7th and 8th graders are working on their Elder interview project and continuing with their  History unit.

Quail Hollow Integrated Arts (QHIA): Students researched and created flyers on an invertebrate that we’ve studied, creating “selling points” to persuade the class that theirs is, indeed, the most awesome. We studied the speeches of MLK and how they reflected his beliefs and their relevance to today’s social and political climate. We began our 6 week unit on Tahitian Dance, Music, and Culture with our very own Yolo. Last Monday our Charter Academic counselor, Rory McKee spoke to our 8th graders to hear their High School options.

Quail Hollow Homeschool: We were wrapping up our mid year meetings with each of our families and are looking forward to on-site classes resuming on Tuesday, January 30th. We will be preparing for our Charter Science Fair on Friday, February 9th.

Fall Creek Homeschool: The Parent Math workshop on teaching math through games was fun! The feedback from participants was that the games were very adaptable to multiple ability levels and a good way to practice math skills without resorting to workbooks. We look forward to resuming on-site classes on Tuesday, January 30th.

Mountain IS: We had Mountain IS spirit day wearing our green and gold to show our Mountain pride. We learned a chant about the seven continents and created cardboard cut outs to represent each one. In art we created a fox using watercolor crayons. We began to learn the Kookaburra song. We used a buffet of math tools to solve the problem of how to divide our “wheel of fables” into 7 even pieces to represent each of the seven continents.


SLV Foundation for Education is Raising Money for our Schools

San Lorenzo Valley Foundation for Education is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. We provide an easy way to support a broad or specific tax deductible donation to the SLV schools and clubs, including Charter and Homeschool groups. One can donate directly to any of the groups listed below, without needing to buy or sell products. For more information or to donate, please visit

*High School Cougar Club  *Drama Boosters  *Music Boosters *Art Boosters

*High School Stadium Lights  *Patron of the Arts *Middle School Panther Club  *BCE parent club  *SLVE Bobcat Club   *SLV Charter School Booster Club    *The Nature Academy


Dates to remember: (Please refer to your program’s newsletter for greater detail regarding dates and details specific to your program’s Field Trips and class events.)


  • February 1st - 3rd: All Charter Play, “Cinder-idol”

  • February 12th:  No School-- President’s Holiday

  • February 19th:  No School-- President’s Holiday

  • March 12th:  No School--  Professional Development Day for Teachers

  • March 13th: Charter Information night: all Hybrid Home/School Programs

  • April 2nd-6th:  Spring Break!