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Graduation Requirements


Coast Redwood High School Diploma Minimum Requirements

The required courses and curriculum accord with the California State Frameworks and Content Standards and meet the criteria of CA Education Code, Section 51225.3 and SLVUSD Board Policy (6146.1).

  1. Complete Charter School Portfolio or Exit Challenge
  2. Complete a minimum of 230 credits divided among the following core content areas and courses: 
English (4 years) 40 Credits
Fine Arts (VAPA) & Practical Arts

10 credits must be fine arts  
10 credits may be from fine art or practical art and/or world language
10 credits must be in career technical education

Mathematics (3 years, must include Math 1) 30
Physical Education 20
Life Science 10
Physical Science 10
Social Studies World History 10
US History 10
Economics 5
Government 5
Elective Credits 60
Minimum credits required to graduate 230